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Are you bogged down with unwieldy spread-sheet based systems, perhaps something cobbled together with Microsoft Access or have a feature rich off the shelf package that does everything apart from what you want it to? There is an easier way that will save you time, money and alleviate frustration...

IT Innovations create applications that provide functionality you need. With secure log-in, ability to define user access, role-differentiated information for specific groups of employees or even customers, the most up to date information is delivered when it is needed for each and every user.

Your systems also needs to evolve with your changing business needs. We build scalable applications that have the flexibility to grow and adapt with your business.

Within a browser-based, intelligent, information-ready environment workflow can be significantly improved. Automatic notifications can be set to trigger reminders, when user action is required or highlight warnings such has low stock levels.

Of course, once applications are delivered we can support it throughout its lifecycle and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

If you are interest in exploring how we can help develop an operating system or web-based database for your company, give us a call now!

Featured Products

Resource management Time/expenses tracking

Time management Appointment booking, staff roster, schedules

Document/Digital Asset Management Business documents and files stored, categorized, controlled and easily accessed

Financial Generating quotes, invoices

Data Processing Generating desired output using a process or formula based on particular input data.

Web content management Browser based tool for maintaining user generated content

Reporting Exporting data with user defined criteria into popular formats such as .csv, Excel, MS Word or PDF.