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CMS Websites

Our content management web sites offer all the features and benefits of a Brochure site and more. Website Content Management Systems provide a tool to create, manage and publish website content quickly and easily. You have full control over your web-site content and the functionality of a fully integrated business database module to showcase your products.

Using a consultative approach, we will work with you to design a bespoke website to suit your business needs whether you are product based, services based or project driven. We will provide a user interface enabling you to control your text content, the images on your site and the ability to manage your own database. You can add, amend or delete entries and also manage the categories. Depending on the degree of content management required, and the skill set of the user (we can provide CMS training for site administrators), a CMS solution enables you to manage:

  • Words and copy
  • Prices
  • Images
  • Documents and pdfs etc
  • Audio and video files

E-Commerce Websites

More and more people expect to shop on line and more and more businesses recognise and respond to this market shift. With the revolution of mobile technology, there is also a significant increase in online sales from using mobile technology. If your business revolves around exchanging money for services or deliverable products, can you afford not to have an Ecommerce website?

Here are some advantages of having an Ecommerce website:

  • You are always open to business 24/07
  • People can shop from anywhere in the UK and around the world
  • Price changes, product updates and special offers can be made quickly and easily
  • Customers can shop incredibly quickly
  • Online shops have significantly lower overheads to physical counterparts
  • You can collate a customer database for marketing purposes

We can also facilitate secure shopping basket and credit card ordering. Our Ecommerce shops support the latest payment methods to ensure that your customers will find a payment method they can use.

Need help with an exisitng site?
If your current site is not performing as well as it should, we can re-design and re-code your website so that it is more appealing, user friendly and search engine friendly. We offer advice on the best keywords and phrases to promote your site in search engine listings. With our combination of technical expertise and creative talent, we can re-work your web site so that it attracts more visitors, enhances the user experience and makes buying decisions easier.

Site Promotion
Even the best looking website won't bring customers if it cannot be found. Search engine optimisation (SEO), is the process of structuring a website's content and HTML code so that search engines such as Google can find relevant keywords and phrases. Sites that are optimised correctly, stand a far better chance of being indexed by Google, bringing many visitors and potential customers to your website.

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