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The power of the intranet:
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The intranet can be as diverse and versatile as any website IT Innovations develop Intranets to enable employees and trusted partners to share information and company data. Your intranet can be a private version of your website (or portal) and therefore support your company brand whilst providing powerful functionality.

Content can be password protected so that people can only access the content your want them to see. IT Innovations create fully bespoke intranet sites that have enormous scope; some common functions can include:

  • Storage for internal documents such as project notes, details of company policies and processes, forms and graphics such as logos.
  • Shared calendars and personal schedules detailing, for example setting meeting invitations and planning holidays that do not conflict with those of their colleagues.
  • A source of news about a company. Product or service launches, deals won, new appointments whatever news a company wishes to circulate amongst its employees.
  • A shared contact list with details of clients, customers and suppliers.
  • An index of useful links, either to other areas of an extranet or, if required, to outside resources based on the internet.
If you are interest in exploring how we can help develop a custom Intranet for your company, give us a call now!
Internet Focused Services

Intranets may be used for a variety of functions such as:

  • Management information
  • Reporting tools
  • Divisional or geographic self-administered micro sites
  • Training, examinations and membership
  • Contact points for ideas and questions to leadership
  • Video broadcasts